Sony HT-CT660 46-Inch Sound 46-Inch 330W 2.1 Ch High Review

Sony HT-CT660 46-Inch Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Sony HT-CT660 46-Inch Sound Features

  • 46-Inch 330W 2.1 ch High Definition Sound bar w/wireless subwoofer
  • HDMI inputs x 3, analog audio, & digital optical inputs
  • Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth devices w/just one-touch
  • Experience HD sound1 with Dolby TrueHD & dts-HD Master Audio
  • S-Force PRO Front Surround 3D virtual surround sound
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Sony HT-CT660 46-Inch Sound Description

Easily add theater-like, high definition1 sound to any room. Plus, connect and stream music from your favorite mobile device with just one touch2. And with the HDMI inputs, you can add up to three high-definition devices in a snap. It’s never been so easy to sound so good. Technology 2.1 Channel: 330 Watt Sound Bar Bringyour TV experience to life with 330 watts of exceptional audio markedby rich, natural sound, incredible clarity and definition that will makeany movie, game, or TV program come alive. Wireless SubwooferHear your sound instead of seeing it. The wireless sub-woofer delivers heart pounding bass without the clutter of cables. Connect & Stream Music from Bluetooth Devices with just One-Touch Theeasiest and fastest way to start streamingmusic from your NFC enableddevice to your home theater system. Utilizing Near Field Communicationand Bluetooth, connect and wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet by touching them together just once2. No NFC, no problem.. you can still connect and stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth. Experience Movies as the Director Intended them to be Experience movies as the directors intended them to sound like with Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio modes that re-produce high definition, discrete sound for uncompromised quality. S-Force PRO Front Surround 3D Experience room filling cinematic simulated surround sound with Sony’s S-Force PRO Front Surround 3D technology.S-ForcePRO Front Surround 3D synchronizes the sound to match the motion anddepth of the image on screen, so you can enjoy a fully immersivesimulated 3D surround experience without the bother of surround soundspeakers3. 3x HDMI Inputs Getsuperior high-definition picture and sound quality from up to threehigh-definition source devices (ex. Cable box, Blu-ray player, gamingconsole, etc), with just one cable5. Additional featuresIR Repeater Pass-thruWhileglitzy product photos often show sound bars wall-mounted, mostconsumers place their sound bar on a TV stand, which can be problematicblocking the TV’s remote control sensor, forcing you to stand up andangle your remote to control your TV. With the Sound bar’s IR Repeaterpass-thru, there’s no more standing up and trying to angle your TVremote just right to control the TV if your sound bar is in the way. Thesound bar’s IR repeater allows other remote control commands topass-through the front of the sound bar to the TV behind it, eliminatingthis problem. Therefore you can do less standing and more enjoying! ˅ Show All Description ˅